Photo Booths For Bar Mitzvah Events.


A Bar Mitzvah is a traditional Jewish ceremony, which represents the ‘ coming of age ‘.
Jewish laws state that when Jewish boys become 13, they are then responsible for their actions, and become a Bar Mitzvah. For girls the age for them to become Bar Mitzvah is 12. The reason that these ages were chosen is because it roughly represents the age for puberty. Before a Bar Mitzvah is held, parents are responsible for everything for their child, but once the ceremony is held, the child then bears their own responsibility for Jewish ritual law, tradition, and ethics, and can then participate in all areas of Jewish community life. A Bar Mitzvah is celebrated with a type of party.

In the past few years a new type of party entertainment has been modernised for lavish parties such as wedding parties, birthday parties, corporate events, other social events, and Bar Mitzvah’s.
Photo Booth is becoming more and more popular as the days go by.
They bring novelty fun to any event in many different ways, especially to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah.

Using a Photo booth system is simple, its digital modernisation, makes it fun but easy to use.
You simply step in to the booth, you can even use some of the props that may be provided for even more high class fun, you choose the type of photo you would like to take, as you can choose from, colour, black and white, one large picture, or 4 pictures on one sheet. You then pose and click take the picture, the photo booth system then instantly prints out the picture that has been taken which can be given to your guest to take home, a second set of prints is also made, so they can be put in to a guestbook, for all guests to sign, which is such a great way for a young boy or girl to remember their Bar Mitzvah. That’s how much fun photo booths can bring to your Bar Mitzvah.

You don’t even have to stress about getting it to wherever you are in the UK, as during photo booth hire, you also get an photo booth attendant, who brings the photo booth to wherever you are in the UK, the attendant the erects the photo booth system, and stays with it for the total photo booth rental time, just in case of any technical glitches, the attendant then dismantles the photo booth, and takes it away.
I can’t think of a better way to remember your special Bar Mitzvah, can you?


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