Careers In Catering

The catering industry is a $ 6 billion business, and it is expected to grow in the future. Given this, it can be expected that there are a lot of employment opportunities in the catering industry. The good new is these opportunities are open to almost all age groups, especially to those who are looking for part time work. This includes college students and homemakers who are looking for extra income. In addition, the high turn over in the catering industry assures people that there are plenty of jobs to go around. Among the jobs that are available include chefs, cooks, wait staff and food preparation workers.

Basically, food preparation workers are the people who prepare the ingredients that chefs and cooks prepare. Some of the most common tasks include slicing fruits and vegetables, peeling them, cutting meat, poultry and fish, and measuring and weighing the ingredients for the chef or the cook. In addition, they clean the equipment used in cooking, dishes and cleaning work areas.

There are many openings for a variety of jobs offshore in catering positions, including Chefs, cooks, assistant cooks, night bakers, galley hands, stewards and stewardesses, housekeeping and cleaning staff. Offshore catering is typically contracted out and managed by catering and food service companies. The catering contractor is responsible for all food service, to include meals, snacks, and special Holiday requirements. Additionally, the offshore catering service manages the cleaning and upkeep of the kitchen and chow hall, as well as the recreational and common areas and sleeping quarters. The following jobs are in high demand and available now.

At the interview, be sure and let the person that is interviewing you know that you have done your homework. You can say, in preparing for this interview I took an on-line sales and catering certificate program, and I visited the competition to get an idea of what I will be selling against. Be passionate about the sales position.

Drop some key industry buzz words at the interview. Use words like maximizing the use of meeting space to maximize hotel revenue, handling inquiries, target accounts, action plans, revpar, market segments, SMERFE, and consortiums are hotel words that will let the person interviewing you know that you understand the business.

Normally contract catering packages are sold on a “per person/head” basis making it much easier to add in for any additional people added at a later date but sometimes one fixed price might be given for the event where strict restrictions are in place on the number of seats available, restrictions for fire and lighting licenses, etc where there is a maximum number of guests allowed at any one time for function.

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