Bat Mitzvah?????????????

Question by Maddie! πŸ˜€: Bat Mitzvah?????????????
My friend is having a bat mitzvah in like a month and i have no idea what to wear and what to get her. shes not my bff, but shes a pretty gud friend of mine

Its really long…like from 10:30 in the morning to 6. and its really fancy. the after party is at a really nice country club.

Im 13 and this is my first time going to 1…(ive been invited to 2 others but didnt go)

so plz tell me if you know of any cute dresses or cool presents!

i want to keep the dress under 100$ and the present under 80$
and i really dont want to get it at JCPenny or Macy’s.

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Answer by Hi…..
come up with a sickness and dont go! jk

idk pacsun?

try this

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  1. ღErinღ

    I went to a Bat Mitzvah over the summer at a country club. I didn’t go to the ceremony- but what they did was they went in semi-formal dress, went out to lunch, then went home and changed into cocktail attire, then went to the dinner. So, if that’s what they’re doing, I’d recommend going to somewhere like JCPenney and picking up a cute tea dress for the lunch, something like one of these maybe?|51280|51773|51280|51773|51280|51773

    For the dinner, you’re going to want something a little bit nicer- just go Macy’s or even Deb and tell them that you’re going to a Bat Mitzvah at a country club and you need to pick out a nice cocktail dress.
    Shoes, you can pick up at Payless, Macy’s, Deb, or any nice dress shoes you have lying around- flats or heels.
    For a present, it’s like, customary to give I think its $ 50 per person who attends, either in money or in retail. So if it’s just you going, get her a couple cute shirts, a gift card, cash, tech accessories, anything. Sometimes you can find good deals on items in clearance sections that their retail value will par up to $ 50 but may only cost you $ 20, you could check at Target,

    Hope I helped.

  2. pink678

    omg I have done this before too like gone to bat mitzvahs that are really long like that, trust me they are really fun.

    It sounds like you go to a rich school so you are probably rich so try BCBG it has the cutiest dresses and actually go the store not online because it has a sucky website. I got a dress from there it was like $ 300 dollars but I love it!!! You could try juicy but it might be a little to casual. Try nordstrom or saks fifth avenue. Wear tiffanys jewlery!

    And when your there the actual part of the bat mitzvah were they are just like doing the seramony or whatever its called is really boring just to worn you but the dance is lots of fun!